Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Still Growing

In addition to the herbs and cucumbers growing like weeds in my garden, two more things are growing.

First, just when every other nursery in town was closing up, and knowing it was very late in the season to start, I found a few pumpkin plants left at my favorite nursery. The 2 I adopted each had about 4 lovely flowers on them, but as soon as I put them in the ground, they shed the flowers and started fresh. Bunches of tiny new leaves are growing, as if to say "I was going to give up and live out my life in a tiny plastic pot, but now that I have the whole wide world to grow in, I'm starting over with a more ambitious plan."

Second, we are growing a fort for the boy. My mom came up and helped us get the frame erected. Now my husband works on it a little each day (when it's not 90 or storming) and my son and I hold or measure or screw. I'm hoping the fort will be full grown long before the pumpkins are ready, and well before the cucumbers even slow down. It looks like it will be a good harvest. Knock wood.

Early Harvest

These are the first 3 cucumbers I have ever grown in my garden. My husband made them into pickles. I can't believe I planted 4 tiny plants, and one was too puny to survive, and now they have grown to tower over all my herbs, sending tiny tendrils that can wrap 8 times around the wire frame while I sleep. I get down on my knees to peer into the leafy mountain, and here's what I see.

Honey, how many pickle jars do we have?

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

In case you need to know...

The propper proceedure when you drop your cell phone in the sink (or other body of water) is to immediately remove the battery to avoid the charges frying. Then put it keys down in front of a fan overnight. Then pray. This from the friendly guys at my local cell phone store.

Failing that, it's time for a new phone.