Tuesday, May 22, 2007

good news from the plant world

I have this orchid that was given to me with a whole slew of other orchids about 9 years ago. All the rest have died, but there is this one that perseveres, though it looks old and tired. When my plants were evicted from our home to make the house more "sellable” I pulled my orchid out of the midst if its browning companions, gave it some new soil, (had to drive to 3 different nurseries to find the fancy "orchid" soil), tried to find it a little more sun here in my office, and crossed my fingers.

Then, just last week not one but 2 little shoots poked up out of the soil. Hope and rebirth embodied.

mid life

I think Ani Difranco and I are having the same mid-life crisis:

"i think i'm done gunning to get closer
to some imagined bliss
i gotta knuckle down
just be okay with this

'course that star struck girl
is already someone i miss."
(from "Knuckle Down")

Monday, May 21, 2007

Country Music

If you had told me 10 years ago that I would be listening to country music and reading Fantasy/Sci-Fi I would have made a very funny face. And yet here I am driving around with Gillian Welch and the Dixie Chicks in my console (and Bjork too if truth be told) and cruising used book stores for Terry Pratchett's back catalogue. It's almost like once I'd overturned the parental taboos of my childhood, I had nothing left but to overturn my own self-imposed taboos. Or maybe I just like finger-pickin' and stories about the end of the world.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

When they hand you the microphone...

Last week the church had this wonderful goodbye party for me. There was yummy handmade food, beautiful handmade quilts, notes and good words, choir music and silliness. On my way home from the party, I realized that when I had my turn at the microphone to offer my thanks, I forgot to thank the 2 who have been most supportive of my time with this congregation: my son and my husband. During all those night meetings and weekend events, husband took over parenting so I could be a minister. Through the rough times and the joyful times of ministry, husband was my support and my rock. He also helped me remember that sometimes I needed to just relax and have fun. Thank you husband. And to my son who came with me to worship, to meetings, and to potlucks, who is always the last child in childcare, and who helps me practice my Family Chapel stories. Thank you son. You both gave so much, so that I could bring to this ministry all that I had to give.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Slow Surgery

Yoga, according to my teacher, is like slow surgery. He maintains that trough the consistant practice of asana, the body can be substantially changed over time. It's true! Imagine my surprise the first time I got my knee behind my shoulder, or touched my chest to my thighs. It's pretty mind blowing, really.

Sometimes in church life we want some kind of out-patient lasar surgery to make us into the church we long to be. It's good to remember that there is an alternative; that slow consistant practice can also lead to real and deep change. For example, last year our congregation formed a Conflict Resolution Team and adopted a Relational Covenant. Nothing magic happend to end all conflict forever, but with consistant application I see that change is possible. Perhaps if we keep at our daily practice we will be surprised at how we are transformed.

My teacher also says "Check your hands, check you feet, after class you get to eat" but that's for another time.